Top 5 online Garden stores in India

Online garden stores have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a convenient and accessible way for gardening enthusiasts to access a wide range of gardening products and supplies. These stores provide a platform for customers to browse and purchase everything they need for their gardening projects, from plants and seeds to tools, pots, fertilizers, and other essential accessories.

Tired of selecting a good online garden store, Here is a list of the Top 5 online garden stores, where you can buy your all gardening needs.

1. Ugaoo

Ugaoo is a popular online gardening store in India. They offer a wide range of gardening products such as seeds, plants, pots, tools, fertilizers, and more. They also provide gardening tips and advice on their website. They Specialize in their packaging, They also sell exotic indoor plants.

Ugaoo website


Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Delivery: All India Delivery

Available on: Amazon

If you are an indoor plant lover, I personally recommend the UGAOO Combo of 4 Indoor Live Plants for Home Decor with Pot -Jade, Spider, Fittonia & Crassula Ovata Plant.

2. NurseryLive

NurseryLive is another well-known online gardening store in India. They offer a variety of live plants, seeds, gardening tools, pots, and corporate gifts. They have a user-friendly website and provide detailed product descriptions and care instructions.They also have ayurvedic products for women health and skincare They offer deals and offers frequently on most of their products.

Nurserylive garden store


Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Delivery: All India Delivery

Available on: Amazon

As of now, no stocks are updated in the store, If you like to buy on Amazon,

check Amazon for the updated products

It’s better to buy from their website.

3. MyBageecha

MyBageecha is an online garden store that sells indoor and outdoor plants, gardening tools, pots, and other gardening essentials. They have a wide selection of plants, including air-purifying plants, and succulents, They specialize in Moss Frames, Preserved Nature Tabletops and Dried Flower Jewellery.

My Bageecha online garden store


Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Delivery: All India Delivery

Available on: Amazon

I would personally recommend this myBageecha- Dried Flower Blushing Meadows Necklace Pendant Jewellery If you want to gift your eco-friendly lover.

4. TrustBasket

TrustBasket is an online gardening store that offers a range of gardening products like manure, soil, live plants, plant stands, seeds, gardening tools, pots, and plant care accessories. They focus on promoting organic gardening practices and have a good reputation among gardening enthusiasts.

I will opt for Trustbasket as they will give the best offers and special sales frequently.

Trust Basket online garden store


Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Delivery: PAN India Delivery

Mobile Application: Available

Available on: Amazon

5. Plants Guru

Plants Guru is an online store that offers a variety of gardening products, including plants, seeds, bulbs, pots, fertilizers, and garden decor accessories. They aim to provide eco-friendly and sustainable gardening solutions to their customers.

Plants Guru online nursery store


Headquarters: Pune, India

Delivery: All India Delivery

There are many other good websites and this list totally depends on my experience

Please note that the availability and range of products may vary among these online stores. It is recommended to visit their websites or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information and to ensure they meet your specific gardening needs.

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