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Environmental Awareness Caution #1 Water Pollution

“Familiar and Never Minded” Topic.

What is Water Pollution?

Water pollution is as simple as polluting or contaminating the water by human activities.

Causes and Caution:

➡️Solid Waste Management ✅Throw away solid wastes in garbage cans.

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➡️Deforestation ✅ Cutting down Trees leads to soil erosion and clogging of water and affects its flow.

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➡️Industrial waste is the main source of Water Pollution.It will contaminate the Water body

✅Maintain proper sewage management system.

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➡️Chemical and Medical Waste✅ Proper disposal of medical wastes will keep environmentclean and safe. Do not dump wastes in water Bodies, Proper disposal is Necessary.

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➡️Agricultural Wastes ✅Do not use chemical insecticides and pesticides It will affect the crops as well as Environment.

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We cannot completely control the Pollution. At least we can contribute some basic caution methods to save our Environment.

I Will be sharing small environmental awareness caution ⚠️every week. Subscribe to my blog and stay tuned.

Save Water Save Environment

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