Good Gardening

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Today I would like to say what is Gardening means to Humans.

What is Good Gardening?

➡️Good Gardening is just the understanding of plants. As simple as that.

➡️Nowadays we rush plants to give flowers and fruits rather than understanding their environment and climatic conditions.

Do you ever noticed that your plants are suitable for your environment. I hope most of us will not, and it is a very big offense for plants.

✅ Very important thing is you should ask your plants that whether they are comfortable with their places, including sunlight and water.

I would suggest some tips for you✌️

✅When you buy a plant from nursery or other stores, First research the complete details such as their sunlight needs, lifespan, diseases, maintainence and milestones. This will help you manage that plant and if you fulfil the requirement of the plant. It will shower you with flowers and fruits with love ❣️

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✅Speaking with plant will be fun. Try if you have some plants.

✅ Gardening is not something which you get some plants from nursery and water it, it will grows. It’s an art, you have to take care of it.

✅Try some plants if you are not that much interested in gardening definitely you will love it.

✅ Nature friendly, Eco friendly and these tags should start from your home.

✅ Now our Earth needs more green to cherish. Work on it

Some of my Gardening friends

I wish to share some of plants in my small garden. Relax a While❤️

Moneyplant and Succulents in some DIY pots

file My Dream Earth

2. Roseplants and Portulaca

file My Dream Earth

3. Cute little DIY pot for money plant ☘️

file My Dream Earth

4. Tomatoes

file My Dream Earth

These are my favourite plants and I love to take care of my little garden even in the busy schedule.

Hope you loved it.

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Thank you, see you in the next post.

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