Which is Good Vermicompost?


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Today’s topic is most important topic for every Gardeners. Yes, It is Vermicompost!!

Vermicompost-The Essential Manure of all potting mix for Gardening Plants, whether it is indoor or outdoor plants you need Vermicompost to add with soil mix.

Most Frequently asked questions about this Excellent Black Gold (Vermicompost is also Called as Black Gold)

Which is Good Vermicompost? Before diving in to this question.

First I need to Explain What is Vermicompost?

Some Gardeners will know about this, but People who are new to gardening , Prepare to know about it .

So, What is“Vermicompost”

Vermicompost is the process of the decomposition process using various species of earthworms and red wigglers.

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Vermicompost is an organic manure made by decomposing cow dung, farm wastes and kitchen wastes through farmer’s friend so called Earthworms.

✅100% pure and organic vermicompost acts as natural growth stimulant to plants.It improves soil aeration, loosens the soil and create more space for roots to breathe.

✅In common, Normal plant or seed will need three plant nutrients NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) to grow. As proven fact that vermicompost will be rich in NPK compared to other composts.

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✅Vermicompost contains natural microbes such as acetobacter, azospirillum and phosphobacteria that provides good micronutrients to plants and also maintains the soil fertility.


Vermicompost can be used by all organic farming lovers and gardeners.

⏩250 gms or a handful of vermicompost, once in 10-15 days can be used for potted plants also for indoor and ornamental flowering plants to improve its colour and quality.

⏩500 kg / Acre can be used for cereals like paddy and ragi. 400-500 kg /Acre can be used for sugarcane, banana, cotton and for vegetable farms. 10 kg / Tree for trees like coconut, mango and jackfruit.

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For existing plants in pots and beds spread a thin layer in the top soil

For new plants use 30-35% of vermicomposting while preparing potting mix.

As it is soil friendly organic manure, Do not worry about the exact quantity to be applied in soil, more or less organic manure will not affect the soil.

Apply organic fertilizers and make your soil love you. “Happy Gardening”


    • Store in a cool place with 40% humidity
    • Avoid direct sunlight.
    • If you want to store in open space, sprinkle some water to maintain humidity.

Which is Good Vermicompost?

Good Vermicompost will have this qualities

➡️Light weight.

➡️Dark Brown or Black in Colour.

➡️It should be slightly moist.

➡️Vermicompost with worms is an added benefit.

How to Check?

⏩✅Just Take some amount of vermicompost in your hand and feel the substance, if it is soft then it has no adulteration. If it is soily in texture, then it is mixed with soil.

⏩✅Compost should not have foul smell, it should smell like soil in the earth.

⏩✅ Growth Test

Get Vermicompost Samples and plant some seeds, The Growth tells the truth.

Fine that’s all about Vermicompost and how to find good Vermicompost.

I would like to explain you Dream Vermicompost

About Dream Earth Vermicompost

Our Vermicompost is farm made and chemical free.

Rich in Nutrients which is needed for plants.

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How to Buy Dream Earth Vermicompost?

You can buy Vermicompost on Amazon by the below link

Dream Earth – Vermicompost for Plants Earthworm Soil (Manpulu Uram) Organic Manure and Fertilizer for Gardening Plants with Required micronutrients (5 KG) https://amzn.eu/d/bTDumNC

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